About Us

SmartCom was founded in 2001, introduced as an IT and CCTV solution provider serving local Lebanese small-to-medium corporations. To further evolve its expertise in response to the market needs, and widen its service offering to meet higher client-demand on total interactively connected solutions and turnkey projects:

Private/Business Automation Solutions
Corporate Solutions
Security System
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Moreover, to revive its success, SmartCom expanded its duties to operate in Erbil in 2020, to handle a big part of the high technology business, which incorporates

With such combined communication system, SmartCom was able to stand out with key competitive advantages, offering a unique SMART system that allows clients to meet their daily needs by delivering the highest quality of technology services; promoting smart living and providing the most efficient and secure technology infrastructure. With this SmartCom concept, our partners are able to achieve comprehensive quality in every feature.


SmartCom is dedicated to the ongoing improvement of its systems and business modules to help companies, cities and critical infrastructures, in an increasingly unpredictable world with a merging cyber threats, to become safer and smarter. We do that exceptionally by designing, installing and commissioning the right solutions for private companies, governments institution and large global companies. Our mission is to take part in every smart city developmentand lead the IoT and Al industries.


SmartCom strives to reach beyond its clients’ needs, and aims to deliver solutions to their obstacles and limitations. In a world full of opportunities and unpredictabilities, SmartCom works with those with big ambitions to think faster and act smarter.


Continuous self-improvement, integrity and mutual respect are our most appreciated values. Committed to delivering the latest, safest and best technologies to our customers, seeking to be a reputable partner to our clients.