International Partnerships

An exclusive alliance has been established with CDC Qatar, that set the ELV projects to grow by leaps in Doha.

This partnership encountered a diversified experience with many business ranges, to further integrate the high technology systems on multiple aspects of different projects. Pioneering in construction in Doha since 1982, CDC has been committed to offering its products and services with the highest global criteria.

From urban development to hospitality and real estate - institutional, governmental or private entities; CDC Qatar has a sky-high track record in utilizing premium quality and value to its partners.

Economic growth in the market and consistent productivity are key elements that shape the masterful expertise of this joint venture and its positive results on the operations of big budget projects.

This collaboration brought off:

> The launch of retrofit applications and solutions.

> Systems upgrade for existing businesses like shopping malls or commercial residences.

> Development of smart cities, Ports and Airports in the region.

> Development of Smart Stadiums by integrating the smartest technologies.

> Execution of tailored programs to fit potential projects in different industries.